Knuckles the Echidna #2
Published: 2-97
Cover Art: Patrick Spaziante, Ken Penders

“The Dark Legion, Part 2: Sins of the Fathers”
Writer: Ken Penders, Kent Taylor
Penciler: Manny Galan
Inker: Andrew Pepoy
Letterer: Jeff Powell
Colorist: Karl Bollers
Editor: Justin Freddy-Gabrie, Victor Gorelick
Editor-in-Chief: Richard Goldwater

Knuckles and the Chaotix are the prisoners of the Dark Legion and their cyborg leader, Kragok! Kragok wants Knuckles’ help in taking control of the Floating Island, and doesn’t intend to take no for an answer. Meanwhile, Archimedes reconnects with Locke as the two are greeted by a familiar face. Which of these two groups can defeat the Dark Legion – or can they?