Knuckles the Echidna #9
Published: 12-97
Cover Art: Patrick Spaziante, Manny Galan, Ken Penders, Josh Ray, Heroic Age Colors

“Dark Vengeance, Part 3: Twilight of the Titans”
Writer: Ken Penders
Penciler: Manny Galan
Inker: Andrew Pepoy
Letterer: Vickie Williams
Colorist: Barry Grossman
Editor: Justin Freddy-Gabrie, Victor Gorelick
Editor-in-Chief: Richard Goldwater

With all potential threats removed, Enerjak and the Dark Legion leave for their invasion of Echindaopolis. But things won’t be so simple for them, as Knuckles is saved by a familiar face, and it’s up to him and the Chaotix to save Echindaopolis from invaders once again. Will they make it in time without Archimedes? Can Remington and General Von Stryker put their differences aside to protect the city? And could somebody behind the scenes be benefitting from all this?