Mega Man #26
Published: 6-13
Cover Art: Patrick Spaziante, Ryan Jampole, Vincent Lovallo, Sega, Capcom

“When Worlds Collide, Part 7: Evening the Odds”
Writer: Ian Flynn
Penciller: Tracy Yardley
Inker: Terry Austin
Letterer: FR. Fiegel
Colorist: Thomas Mason
Editor: Vincent Lovallo, Paul Kaminski
Editor-in-Chief: Victor Gorelick
President: Mike Pellerito
Sega: Anthony Gaccione, Cindy Chau
Capcom: Brian Oliveira

Sonic and Mega Man continue to face off against the Roboticized Masters – Shadow Man, Silver Man, and Blaze Woman! And while our heroes begin to unravel the doctors’ evil scheme, a familiar face is set to rescue Dr. Light!

Short Circuits
Writer: Ian Flynn
Penciler: James Kaminski
Inker: Kent Archer
Colorist: Vincent Lovallo

Variant Covers