Sonic & Knuckles #1
Published: 5-95
Cover Art: Patrick Spaziante, Harvey Mercadoocasio, Heroic Age Colors

“Panic in the Sky!”
Writer: Mike Kanterovich, Ken Penders
Penciler: Art Mawhinney, Dave Manak
Inker: Rich Koslowski
Letterer: Mindy Eisman
Colorist: Barry Grossman
Editor: Scott Fulop, Victor Gorelick
Editor-in-Chief: Richard Goldwater
Sega: Jennifer Hunn

The Floating Island has appeared above Knothole! Curious what’s up with Knuckles, Sonic and Tails venture up to discover the island crawling with Badniks! Can Sonic and Knuckles team up to save the continent in the sky, or will they not be able to get along long enough?

“Fire Drill”
Writer: Ken Penders
Penciler: Ken Penders
Inker: Jon D’Agostino
Letterer: Bill Yoshida
Colorist: Freddy Mendez

Knuckles is alerted to a possible intruder on the Floating Island! Can he find this mysterious, hidden stranger?

“Lord of the Floating Island”
Writer: Ken Penders
Penciler: Harvey Mercadoocasio
Inker: Harvey Mercadoocasio
Letterer: Bill Yoshida
Colorist: Freddy Mendez

A young kangaroo has been separated from his mother, and Knuckles is determined to get him home!