Sonic the Hedgehog #22
Published: 2-95
Cover Art: Patrick Spaziante, Jon D’Agostino

“The Return”
Writer: Ken Penders
Penciler: Patrick Spaziante
Inker: Harvey Mercadoocasio
Letterer: Mindy Eisman
Colorist: Barry Grossman
Editor: Scott Fulop, Victor Gorelick
Editor-in-Chief: Richard Goldwater

Dr. Robotnik is gone for good – or so everyone thinks! Robotnik seems to have ended up in an another reality – and an old enemy is here to help! Meanwhile, the Freedom Fighters believe themselves victorious, and so does Snively, who accidentally activates Robotnik’s fail safe maneuver: Operation Wasteland. In the event Robotnik can’t have Mobius – no one can!

“Tails’ Knighttime Story!”
Writer: Angelo DeCesare
Penciler: Dave Manak
Inker: Jon Dagastino
Letter: Bill Yoshida

Sally needs Tails to get some sleep, but he’s all wound up! To try and get him on the train to snoozeville, she tells him the story of Sir Runalot, the Knight of Blue Armor!