Sonic the Hedgehog #28
Published: 8-95
Cover Art: Dave Manak, Jon D’Agostino

“Saturday Night’s Alright for a Fight!”
Writer: Ken Penders
Penciler: Art Mawhinney
Inker: Rich Koslowski
Letterer: Mindy Eisman
Colorist: Barry Grossman
Editor: Scott Fulop, Victor Gorelick
Editor-in-Chief: Richard Goldwater

Sonic has returned to Freedom HQ, and that’s bad news for the Freedom Fighters! Can his friends snap Sonic out if it, or is this the end of the freedom on Mobius?

“Growing Pains! Part 1”
Writer: Mike Gallagher
Penciler: Dave Manak
Inker: Harvey Mercadoocasio

Feeling betrayed by Sonic’s turn to evil, Tails climbs aboard his submarine the Sea Fox and leaves Knothole! On his journey he finds a strange girl fox named Fiona on a small island and the two instantly hit it off. Is love in the air, or is something sinister afoot?