Sonic the Hedgehog #4
Published: 8-93
Cover Art: Dave Manak

“The Lizard of Odd”
Writer: Michael Gallagher
Penciller: Dave Manak
Inker: Henry Scarpelli
Letterer: Bill Yoshida
Colorist: Barry Grossman
Editor: Victor Gorelick
Editor-in-Chief: Richard Goldwater

Robotnik’s latest threat is the Universalamander! This oversized monstrosity is too much, even for the Freedom Fighters! Looks like this is a job for a Super Sonic!

“Antoine’s Vain Refrain!” – Single Page, Unaccredited

“Robotnik Birthday Card!” – Single Page, Unaccredited

“HorizontAL & VertiCAL” – Single Page, Unaccredited

“Supersonic” – Pin-Up, Unaccredited

“Bad-Niks Bazaar” – Single Page, Unaccredited

“Hare Styling” – Single Page, Unaccredited

“Tails’ Little Tale” – Unaccredited

Sonic’s taking a quick nap, so Tails takes over protection of the Great Forest. Will Tails be the one to finish off Robotnik once and for all?