Sonic Universe #53
Published: 6-13
Cover Art: Patrick Spaziante, Matt Herms, Tracy Yardley, Phyllis Novin, Thomas Mason

“When Worlds Collide, Part 8: Liberation”
Writer: Ian Flynn
Penciller: Tracy Yardley
Inker: Terry Austin
Letterer: FR. Fiegel
Colorist: Thomas Mason, Dustin Evans
Editor: Vincent Lovallo, Paul Kaminski
Editor-in-Chief: Victor Gorelick
President: Mike Pellerito
Sega: Anthony Gaccione, Cindy Chau
Capcom: Brian Oliveira

Only two Roboticized Masters remain – Knuckles Man and Rose Woman! But these two have an ace in the hole – they’ve been authorized to self destruct! Can Sonic save his friends before it’s too late?

Off Panel
Writer: Ian Flynn
Penciler: Jonathan Gray
Inker: Jonathan Gray
Colorist: Aleah Baker

Variant Covers