Sonic Universe #7
Published: 8-09
Cover Art: Tracy Yardley, Ben Hunzeker

“Mobius: 30 Years Later – What’s Old, Is New Again”
Writer: Ian Flynn
Penciler: Tracy Yardley
Inker: Jim Amash
Letterer: Teresa Davidson
Colorist: Jason Jensen
Editor: Paul Kaminski, Mike Pellerito
Editor-in-Chief: Victor Gorelick
Sega: Cindy Chau, Jerry Chu

The Dark Presence has successfully taken Castle Acorn, forcing the Royal Family, Silver and the Freedom Fighters’ children to regroup and prepare a counterattack! And back in the castle, King Shadow is reawakened by his followers, but his new plan as Mobius’ ruler is one where nobody will have future!

“Off Panel”
Writer: Ian Flynn
Penciler: Chad Thomas
Inker: Paul Kaminski
Colorist: Paul Kaminski