Sonic X #14
Published: 11-06
Cover Art: Patrick Spaziante

“Hare-Um Scare-Um!, Part 2”
Writer: Joe Edkin
Penciller: David Hutchison
Inker: Jim Amash
Letterer: Joe Edkin
Colorist: Josh Ray
Editor: Mike Pellerito, Victor Gorelick
Editor-in-Chief: Richard Goldwater
Sega: Robert Leffler, Dyna Lopez

Chris, Cream, and Cheese are on the run from the ghosts! Everyone on the island seems possessed, and they’re next! Can they beat the King of Ghosts and free their mothers and everyone else? Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails have wound up in prison alongside Eggman and his bots! Are our heroes destined to remain jailbirds?