This is where Sonic the Hedgehog Online, the fan continuation of the original Sonic continuity, will be posted once it’s written and produced.


You’ve waited long enough! At long last, the Original Sonic Comic Universe returns to form in “At All Costs Part Two: Destiny Rewritten!” Sonic and friends have scored a narrow victory over Mecha Sally, but now they need to escape the Death Egg in one piece! Along the way, they come across what may be the only hope of restoring the princess to normal—and something much deadlier! Meanwhile, Team Freedom must defend New Mobotropolis from the monstrous Tails Doll, lest the city face total destruction! Featuring epic cover art from equally-epic ASO artist NinjaHaku21!

Script: QuantumEdge, TuxKnux and SonicWindAttack
Story Outline: GentlemanX
Art: Drawloverlala, Finitevus, faceclams, elisonic12, Artist-Block, Rik and FritzyBeat
Cover Art: NinjaHaku21, elisonic12 and EnigmaMachine
StH-O Logo: DoNotDelete
Editors: The Shadow Imperator and TuxKnux
Art Editor: Tim “J” Campbell