Amy Rose was born in the Kingdom of Mercia to a noble family who renounced their wealth to help the disadvantaged. Sadly her parents were subjected to Roboticization by Dr. Ivo Robotnik’s sub-boss in the region, the High Sheriff, leaving her to be raised by her cousin Rob o’ the Hedge. She spent much of her time writing fan letters to her crush Sonic the Hedgehog, the legendary hero of the Freedom Fighters. As Robotnik’s conquest of Snottingham continued Rob decided to send Amy to Knothole for protection.

Her escort, Friar Buck, was captured by Metal Sonic who delivered her to Robotnik as a hostage. Much to her delight she was rescued by none other than Sonic, which only further endeared him to her. Living in Knothole she started a Sonic fan club and continued obsessing over the blue hedgehog, but was greatly upset when Princess Sally refused to allow her to join the Freedom Fighters. Amy took drastic measures, using the last wish of the Ring of Acorns to change herself into a teenager. Absorbing the last of the ring’s power she found herself able to magically summon Piko Piko Hammers.

While her mind didn’t age with her body, Amy was brought along nonetheless on the Freedom Fighters’ mission to Station Square. After being captured by Dr. Eggman she managed to turn E-102 Gamma against him and helped fight Perfect Chaos. She then accompanied Antoine D’Coolette and Bunnie Rabbot on a mission to her homeland and reunited with Rob. Much to her sadness Sonic was presumed dead after stopping the Xorda.

After Sonic’s year in space Amy became a full-fledged Freedom Fighter and continued to assist the team to impress him, but as before he never returned her affections. She sought out training from Julie-Su to become stronger and helped rescue Sonic from Mammoth Mogul along with Sally. When New Mobotropolis fell to the Iron Dominion Amy was among the heroes leading the charge in Sonic’s absence. She also began going on solo missions, saving Vanilla and Cream the Rabbit from Snively, and became fast friends with Cream. The two would later form Team Rose along with Blaze the Cat, aiding her in her quest to find the Sol Emeralds.

After Sally’s Roboticization, Amy joined Sonic and Tails to form Team Fighters and they currently travel the world to put a stop to stop Eggman’s ambitions and rescue Sally.


Amy is a sweet and compassionate girl who always tries her best to help others and contribute to the Freedom Fighters’ cause in any way she can. She also has a fiery temper to go along with her protective spirit. Earlier in her life she was incredibly single minded in her pursuit of Sonic but over time she matured and came to respect Sonic and Sally’s bond, but her affection for him burns as hot as ever.


Piko-Piko Hammer: Absorbing the power of the Ring of Acorns, Amy gained the ability to summon an unlimited supply of giant hammers out of nothing.
Strength: Amy is incredibly strong for her size, able to knock out even the largest of foes.