T-Pup was constructed by Miles “Tails” Prower during his vacation on Cocoa Island with Antoine and Bunnie D’Coolette. While inspired by Sonic’s relationship with his dog, Muttski, T-Pup was built with additional features and he wound up being put to use before anyone could have expected. T-Pup provided support to Tails during the Battle Bird Armada’s attack and saved him from Speedy, also aiding in destroying the Mole Mech by dropping bombs on it. T-Pup was damaged during the fight but was brought back to Tails’ workshop and repaired.

Returning to New Mobotropolis, T-Pup worked as a lab assistant with his master and also played the occasional game with him and Sonic. After the Freedom Fighters fell, the remaining members split into Teams Freedom and Fighters, with Sonic, Amy Rose and Tails comprising the latter. T-Pup rode along on the Tornado as a support unit and was responsible for stopping a rampaging Silver Sonic III by trapping the super badnik in a stasis field. When the team crashed in Albion thanks to Metal Knuckles T-Pup repaired the Tornado and synthesized fuel. Following this the team made their way to Artika, and T-Pup was left behind so when the team captured Mecha Sally he could keep her in stasis on the journey back to New Mobotropolis.


Playful and helpful, T-Pup is programmed to function as both a pet and assistant. He has a similar personality and traits to a real Mobini dog and exhibits its natural protective instinct when his master is threatened.


Flight: Via a propeller mounted on his back.
Stasis Field: T-Pup can project a force field powerful enough to snare badniks without destroying them.
Radar: T-Pup can detect approaching threats long before they arrive.
Hologram: Digital readouts can be uploaded and projected from T-Pup’s eyes.
Communication: T-Pup can be used as a makeshift walkie-talkie.
Versatility: Highly adaptable, T-Pup is programmed with a variety of functions to help out his creator.