Rotor was born to Sherman and Georgette Walrus in Iceborough. The family moved to Mobotropolis when Rotor was young, and Sherman wound up fighting as a soldier in the Great War. When Dr. Ivo Robotnik betrayed the Kingdom of Acorn Sherman was tragically killed in the line of duty. Rotor was evacuated to Knothole Village with other children, but was separated from his mother who escaped back to Artika with Rotor’s unborn brother, Skeeter.

Rotor befriended Sonic the Hedgehog and the other orphans who would later form the Freedom Fighters and became one of the team’s founding members. He was inspired by his father’s war stories to build machines and weapons to help the Freedom Fighters’ cause, and earned the nickname “Boomer” from his many explosive failures. His successes, meanwhile, aided the Freedom Fighters immensely. His long list of inventions included the Sea Fox, Neuro-Overriders, and the Zone Portal the Freedom Fighters used to rescue Princess Sally’s father King Maximillian.

His tactical mind and intellect earned Rotor a place on the Restoration Committee following Robotnik’s demise. Eventually Rotor made the decision to revisit his herd on Walrus Island. Earlier he had found his family and the rest of the walruses enslaved by Dr. Robotnik and was unable to free them, but the firing of the Ultimate Annihilator had ended the mind control. Unfortunately the arrival of Dr. Eggman saw their return to his servitude and Rotor was forced to leave, but would later utilize the Sword of Acorns to free them once more.

While Sonic was lost to space Rotor filled the void he left by building larger and more dangerous weapons to combat Dr. Eggman. After nearly killing Larry Lynx Rotor swore off creating weapons, though despite this he would help Sir Charles construct the Metal Sonic Troopers.

When Dr. Eggman razed Knothole Rotor saved Tails by pushing him out from under a collapsing ceiling, severely injuring his back. Once in New Mobotropolis Rotor ran for public office and joined the Council of Acorn while still continuing to provide technical assistance to the Freedom Fighters. He even went so far as to rejoin the fray in his nanite battle suit to save his family from Akhlut’s Dark Egg Legion chapter. As Councilor he was an outspoken supporter of his friends but was frequently overruled. The tipping point came when King Naugus convinced the Council into exiling Nicole; Rotor resigned in protest and recruited Team Freedom to protect the city from threats like the Metal Series and Tails Doll.


Rotor is friendly, outgoing and compassionate but these traits conflicted with his original love of heavy weaponry. Reliable and dependable, his friends knew him as the go-to-guy for all their science and technology-related needs. The thing that drives Rotor most of all is his loyalty to his friends; he is willing to go to great lengths to help them when they need it.


Genius: Rotor is a brilliant inventor and technician. Much of Tails’ expertise came from Rotor’s own knowledge.
Strength: Befitting his size Rotor is rather powerful.
Swimming: As a walrus, Rotor is an adept swimmer.


Alternate Appearances

Iron Rotor