Cream is the young daughter of Vanilla Rabbit. She was born and raised on her mother’s plantation in the Southern Baronies which was situated near a Chao Garden. Cream befriended a Chao which she named Cheese, and took care of the Chao that escaped from Knothole during its destruction. Unfortunately the magical energy given off by the Chao drew Snively Robotnik to the plantation. Amy Rose arrived in the nick of time to stop him but accidentally destroyed the Rabbit manor, so she invited Vanilla and her daughter to New Mobotropolis where they could build a new garden in the Lake of Rings for Cheese’s brother Chocola and the others.

Cream and Amy became fast friends and became involved in Blaze the Cat’s search for the Sol Emerald that wound up on Mobius. Cream and Cheese helped the other members of Team Rose in stopping the various parties that tried to steal the Emerald, even being able to win over E-123 Omega with her sweet nature. Her heroism that day impressed Amy who believed she had the makings of a great Freedom Fighter. During Dr. Eggman’s assault on New Mobotropolis, Cream rescued Bunnie D’Coolette from a falling shard of crystal and discovered the Tails Doll, which she promised to return to its rightful owner.

After the destruction of the Freedom Fighters the remaining members split into two teams. Rotor Walrus remained in the city and recruited members for the new Team Freedom. Vanilla allowed Cream and Cheese to volunteer for the team and they saved the citizenry from the initial attack by the Tails Doll. Dr. Eggman soon attacked once more and Cream again helped the people to safety. During an attack on Castle Acorn, Cream realized the doll she had found was behind the nanite disruptions and the team confronted the monster before it could destroy the city’s power plant.


Cream’s mother raised her to be polite and well-mannered, and to never to start fights or participate in them. She also doesn’t abide other people’s rudeness, either, and hurting someone she cares about is sure to incur her wrath—or more accurately that of her trusty Chao companion, Cheese. Cream possesses a heroic spirit that led her to join Team Freedom to protect the citizens. She is very close with her friend and mentor Amy, and has resolved to teach her some manners, but whether she will be successful is anyone’s guess.


Flight: Cream can flap her large ears to take flight.
Cheese: Cream’s best friend is deceptively powerful, and despite his small size is one of the more powerful members of Team Freedom.