Heavy was a badnik created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik for repair duty, with the ability to summon Bomb for demolitions. But they developed free will and jumped ship upon discovering his plans to trap Sonic and the Freedom Fighters in the Happyland Amusement Park on Angel Island and brought with them a cache of Power Gems. They met Mighty the Armadillo, who heard them out and introduced them to the rest of his friends, Knuckles the Echidna and the Mobians who would later be known as the Chaotix. Heavy and Bomb helped defeat Metal Sonic but separated from the Chaotix and left for the surface.

They eventually sought out Commander Geoffrey St. John to aid the fight against Robotnik. Impressed with their abilities, Geoffrey recruited them into his new Royal Secret Service. On Angel Island they braved a snowstorm to rescue the comatose Queen Acorn. They would prove instrumental on a mission to save Nate Morgan on Big Kahuna Island, saving everyone from a rampaging Mutate.

While on a mission to bring back the Sword of Acorns from Robotropolis, the team was captured and Heavy and Bomb were reprogrammed to serve Eggman. They disabled the rest of the Secret Service using nanites in their bodies and made their move, holding the Acorns hostage with dozens of Bombs. Heavy was destroyed by Sonic, while Rotor and Tails disabled the Bombs and salvaged their core programming. New versions were built by Eggman to kill Mina Mongoose, but Sonic defeated them once again.

When New Mobotropolis found itself in need of protectors, Rotor and Tails rebuilt Heavy and Bomb to join Team Freedom. Bomb’s demolition ability proved in handy when the civic center was sabotaged by Tails Doll and they helped fight the Egg SWATs during Eggman’s next attack. Tails Doll continued to make trouble, necessitating the rescue of the Forget-Me-Knots during a concert, and Team Freedom battled the doll’s monstrous transformation for the fate of the city.


Heavy and Bomb are selfless and eager to protect people from their former master. Bomb doesn’t have much in the way of personality and can only communicate in emotive “pings,” but Heavy is friendly and intelligent as well as clean-spoken, having to reprimand Bomb when his partner’s “language” gets a little too foul. As Eggman’s reprogrammed pawns they are as mindless as any other badnik.



Jumping: Heavy’s legs are spring-loaded, allowing him to leap great distances.
Strength: As his name would suggest Heavy is very powerful.
Bombs: Heavy can summon an unlimited amount of explosive Bombs, which transfer their consciousness to new Bombs when detonated.