Sally Alicia Acorn is the second child of King Maximillian and Queen Alicia Acorn. Her mother and brother were lost during the Great War and she was raised by her father, her mentor Julayla Chipmunk, and the nanny Rosie Woodchuck. She befriended Sonic the Hedgehog and was evacuated with him and several other orphans to Knothole Village once Dr. Ivo Robotnik conquered the Kingdom.

With her father now missing as well, leadership of the newly formed Freedom Fighters fell on Sally’s shoulders. Under her command the Freedom Fighters made great progress toward liberating Robotropolis. After the death of Julayla she met the supercomputer known as Nicole who would become a lifelong friend. At the end of the First Robotnik War Sally fell victim to an attempted assassination, but managed to make a full recovery and returned to the front lines, leading the Freedom Fighters to temporarily reclaim Mobotropolis. She was also reunited with her parents and older brother, Elias.

As per her father’s wishes Sally was expected to take the throne, but she continued to help the Freedom Fighters in the fight against Dr. Eggman, Warlord Kodos, and other threats, straining relations between herself and her father. When Sonic went missing following the Xorda attack Sally was left alone and confused, and slowly accepted her role as crown princess. The return of the adventure-loving Sonic only complicated matters and drove a wedge between them, ultimately causing Sally to break off their relationship altogether. However, a reprieve came when Elias returned to save Sally from her marriage to Patch D’Coolette and took the throne.

Rejoining the Freedom Fighters and making up with Sonic, Sally was able to take part in field missions once more. She continued to function as a key player throughout the coming trials including the relocation to New Mobotropolis, the Moebian invasion, the battle that overthrew Dr. Eggman, and the rise of the Iron Dominion. Sally briefly entered a relationship with Monkey Khan, an old friend, but returned to Sonic’s side after the Iron Queen was defeated.

Sally was killed during a mission on the Death Egg II but revived thanks to the Genesis Wave. She then sacrificed herself to save Mobius, redirecting the World Roboticizer on herself and becoming Mecha Sally. Since then Dr. Eggman has used her as a weapon against her friends and broke apart the Freedom Fighters, but Sonic and Team Fighters have resolved to bring her home no matter what the cost.


Throughout much of her life Sally has been torn between her royal duties and her role as field leader of the Freedom Fighters, causing a great deal of tension between both her father and first love, Sonic. A natural leader and strategist, Sally has led her team to many victories over the forces of evil but can become discouraged by her failures; luckily, her friends are always there to support her. Sally can be playful as well as hardheaded, but her devotion to the people of Mobius is unquestionable, even if it comes at the cost of her own freedom.


Agility: Sally is very acrobatic and flexible.
Martial arts: She can hold her own in hand-to-hand combat.
Tactical mind: Her leadership has led the Freedom Fighters to many victories. Her level-headedness allows her to mediate conflicts as well.


Alternate Appearances

Mecha Sally