Antoine D’Coolette is the son of General Armand D’Coolette and his wife Marie. While initially residing in Mercia the family relocated due to the outbreak of the Great War, during which Armand served in the Royal Army. Antoine was schooled in the art of war by his father, but upon Dr. Ivo Robotnik’s takeover Armand was captured and roboticized while Antoine and his mother escaped to Knothole along with childhood friends Sonic the Hedgehog, Rotor Walrus and Princess Sally Acorn. Marie died shortly thereafter leaving young Antoine to be placed under the care of Rosie Woodchuck with the other orphans.

In an attempt to honoring his missing father, Antoine donned his old uniform and joined the fledgling Freedom Fighters who sought to overthrow Robotnik. But his lack of training and discipline, coupled with relentless teasing from Sonic and his failure to win the affections of the princess, left Antoine a nervous and jittery member of the team. But Antoine, with the help and love of Bunnie Rabbot, came into his own and continued fighting alongside his friends.

Eventually, his father was found to be a the High Sheriff of Snottingham and recovered. After his father was restored to flesh and blood by the BEM, Antoine’s life seemed to be at peace until he was attacked by his evil twin from Moebius, Patch, who replaced him leaving Antoine trapped apart from his loved ones. After being rescued by Sonic, Antoine returned home to find Patch had estranged him from Bunnie and fatally poisoned his father. Antoine was with his father at the time of his passing as he assured him he was proud of his son.

Following his father’s death, Antoine made up for lost time and married his sweetheart Bunnie. The couple remained with the Freedom Fighters helping to overthrow Dr. Eggman and reclaim New Mobotropolis from the Iron Dominion. After a battle between the wizard Ixis Naugus and the colossal Titan Metal Sonic, Bunnie’s mechanical limbs were restored to their original state and it seemed the couple could begin anew without the baggage of war. However, Antoine heroically sacrificed himself to protect Elias Acorn and his family from Metal Sonic. Antoine survived the encounter, but has been in a coma ever since.


In his younger days, eager to woo Princess Sally, Antoine would boast of his superior skills and show off his significance to the Freedom Fighters’ cause. The acts would often spectacularly backfire however, leaving Antoine to fearfully retreat or seek the protection of others. Over time however, Antoine improved himself, pushing away his childish insecurities to become a true hero respected by his friends and the community at large. What has not changed is Antoine’s devotion and loyalty the his kingdom and his compatriots, to whom he would willingly give everything to protect.


Swordsmanship: Antoine is a skilled sword fighter, who uses his father’s saber to slash any nearby adversary.
Training: Antoine received limited military training as a royal soldier from his father at a young age.
Pilot: Antoine is a trained pilot of both planes and hot air balloons.
Orator: Antoine can debate any issue placed in front of him, often acting as prosecutor in the Acorn court of law.