Bunnie D’Coolette, born Bunnie Rabbot (rah-BOH), hails from the Southern Baronies of the Kingdom of Acorn. Bunnie’s parents passed away during the Great War fought between the Kingdom of Acorn and the Overland. Following their deaths, Bunnie lived with her Uncle Beauregard and Aunt Lulumae for many years until Beauregard revealed that her parents had died as agents of the Overland due to longstanding grievances between the Kingdom of Acorn and the Southern Baronies. Unwilling to accept this, Bunnie ran away from home.

Bunnie set up a farm on the outskirts of the kingdom when she was attacked by several Swat Bots and fed into a portable Roboticizer. Freedom Fighters Sonic the Hedgehog and Rotor the Walrus arrived to save her, but not before she had been partially roboticized. Bunnie rebounded quickly however, declaring herself Bunnie Rabbot (RAH-bot). She then joined the Knothole Freedom Fighters in their fight against the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik. During this time she became friends with all the Freedom Fighters, including Princess Sally Acorn and particularly young soldier Antoine D’Coolette.

Bunnie became one of the Freedom Fighters heavy hitters thanks in large part to her cybernetic limbs. Despite this, Bunnie always hoped to be free of her roboticized limbs and return to her original form. However, before this could happen, her body rejected her cybernetic parts and she chose to upgrade them with the help of Nate Morgan and Dr. Quack, at the cost of never being able to be de-roboticized.

Through all of the trials in her life, Bunnie had Antoine to depend on. The two young friends over time fell in love and following several hardships, the two were finally married with Bunnie taking his last name.

Following a battle between Titan Metal Sonic and Ixis Naugus, Bunnie’s roboticized limbs were crystallized, but soon reversed by Naugus. The reversal miraculously not only removed the crystallization, but also restored Bunnie’s limbs to flesh and blood. However, this celebration was short lived as an attack by Metal Sonic soon after left Antoine in a coma. Blaming herself, Bunnie left New Mobotropolis hoping to do something to make things right.


A mixture of thoughtful and fun, Bunnie often acts as one of the most well rounded members of the Freedom Fighters, always having a good time and wiling to offer advice on any little thing she thinks she can help with. Bunnie has a noticeable southern accent from her youth in the Baronies, which may also where she got her sweet personality alongside her love of action and activity. Bunnie has always wanted to be a hairdresser, though her time as Freedom Fighter has prevented her from adopting this profession on a routine basis.


Cybernetics: Bunnie’s roboticized arm and legs have a variety of gadgets and functions from telescoping limbs, jet booster feet, and a transforming arm cannon/shield generator. Her roboticized parts are also super strong.
Martial Arts: Bunnie has been trained in judo.


Alternate Appearances

Partially Roboticized Bunnie