In an alternate timeline to our heroes’ universe, the artificial intelligence NICOLE proved to be a valued mentor and ally to Sally Acorn and the Freedom Fighters in their fight against the evil Dr. Robotnik. However, in the final battle against him, NICOLE was destroyed. About 25 years later, Rotor the Walrus finished developing a new NICOLE which Sally sent back in time to the point when she felt she needed her most: after the passing of her other mentor, Julayla.

Joining the Prime Zone Sally and her friends, NICOLE once again aided the team against both Dr. Robotnik and later his replacement, Dr. Eggman. NICOLE was largely confined to her handheld form until one day while attempting to learn more about her origin, Rotor ended up accidentally switching NICOLE and Sally’s consciousness. The experience, seeing and feeling the world around her, stuck with NICOLE who proceeded to work on a physical form that unfortunately she was unable to maintain in her handheld form.

Following the destruction of Knothole City, the citizens were evacuated to a city made of Nanites previously controlled by the digital entity ADAM. NICOLE had taken control of the city and used it to recreate the previously destroyed city Mobotropolis, christening the new city, New Mobotropolis. Here, free of the limitations of her handheld form, Nicole constructed a holographic mobian form to communicate with her friends. Beyond this, Nicole also controlled the city, sometimes shifting away from her form when needing to operate more focus intensive tasks such as maintaining the protective dome around the city.

During the assault by the Iron Queen, Nicole was temporarily corrupted and became Iron Nicole. While she was eventually returned to normal, this incident made many citizens question how safe they were under Nicole’s care. With these emotions ballooned through the magic of Ixis Naugus, Nicole was exiled from the city. During this period, Nicole continued to work with the Secret Freedom Fighters to overthrow Naugus. With Naugus’ power drained and his influence dwindling, Nicole has been re-instated into the city.


As an artificial life-form, Nicole at first behaved very robotic and goal oriented, providing information requested and fulfilling similar functions. Over time through interaction with the Freedom Fighters, Nicole has experienced a wealth of emotions, seeming originate with learning humor from Sonic. While still not adept at recognizing her own feelings, Nicole has shown guilt over her actions during the invasion of the Iron Dominion, anger towards the Eggman Empire over the threat they pose to her friends, and care for the people important to her. It is likely she will continue to develop even more as her own being.


Genius: Nicole has a vast knowledge of all manner of subjects which she can relay to the Freedom Fighters.
Hacking: While in her handheld form, Nicole can be plugged into any manner of electrical devices, infiltrating and manipulating their systems.
Nanites: Nicole is in control of the Nanites which make up New Mobotropolis and can arrange them in any form she chooses, including repairing damage suffered or projecting a protective dome around the city.