Knuckles is the current and last Guardian of Angel Island. His destiny was set in motion before his birth when his father, Locke, doused his egg with Chaos Energy in the hopes that he could give Knuckles the power to avert a disastrous vision of the future. This drove a wedge between him and Knuckles’ mother, Lara-Le. Knuckles was born with spiked knuckles and a stronger connection to the Chaos Force than any Guardian before him.

In keeping with the teachings of the Brotherhood of Guardians, Locke raised his son on the island and then abandoned him before his teen years, giving Knuckles free reign whilst watching him from afar. Knuckles befriended Vector, his mentor Archimedes and the other Mobians on the island who would become the Chaotix, but constantly fought Sonic and Dr. Ivo Robotnik before developing a grudging respect for the former. Knuckles faced villains old and new as Enerjak and the Dark Legion returned to menace Angel Island and the Ultimate Annihilator caused the return of Echidnaopolis. He met his soulmate Julie-Su and reunited with his mother and people, and in time his father as well.

Knuckles worked to protect the echidnas from the many forces that sought to cause them harm. His latent Chaos powers grew, but eventually he transformed into a “living Chaos Emerald” and lost control. Albion attempted to depower him but wound up creating Dr. Finitevus instead. “Chaos Knuckles” tried to reshape Mobius, but sacrificed himself to save Dimitri. He returned from the afterlife to stop the Xorda but lost his powers. With the Chaotix at his side Knuckles relocated to Knothole to keep up the fight against Dr. Eggman while the Brotherhood fell.

The Chaotix eventually returned and liberated the echidnas from the Dingo Regime and Knuckles regained his powers, but a rift grew between him and his father. Then Dr. Finitevus transformed Knuckles into the fourth Enerjak. With this power Knuckles relocated all the echidnas to Albion, removed the Legion’s cybernetics and destroyed much of Dr. Eggman’s forces. Locke restored his son to normal but died in the process. Knuckles and the Chaotix returned to Angel Island to continue guarding the Master Emerald while keeping the Dark Egg Legion at bay.

Knuckles remains hesitant to face his family after his deeds as Enerjak and sent Archimedes to keep tabs on Albion in his stead. But now that Albion is menaced once more by Lien-Da and Thrash the Devil, Knuckles must muster the courage to face his people again and prevent the extinction of echidna-kind. But with Julie-Su and Saffron at his side he won’t have to go it alone.


Knuckles is deeply committed to his kind and duties as Guardian in spite of the many pressures involved, and is known for his fiery temper especially where madmen like Finitevus are involved. While formerly a loner with considerations only for Angel Island itself, Knuckles has grown to accept the company of his friends in the Chaotix, his girlfriend Julie-Su, and even the unlikely friend he found in Sonic with whom he happily joins the fight against Dr. Eggman. He is reckless and impulsive, often preferring violence as a first resort, and frequently squabbles with his allies especially after his recent struggles as Enerjak.


Super Strength: While not quite at the level of Mighty, Knuckles is incredibly strong.
Gliding: His dreadlocks allow him to fly.
Spiked Knuckles: He can climb walls and throw a mean punch with his spiked fists.
Chaos Powers: Knuckles can manipulate the Chaos Force in various ways, including flight and healing. He is at his most powerful near the Master Emerald where he can use Thunder Arrows.
Hyper Knuckles: With the Master Emerald or seven Chaos Emeralds, Knuckles glows pink and his strength, flight, and Chaos abilities are increased exponentially
Chaos Knuckles: When fully tapped into the Chaos Force, Knuckles glows green and acquires power equal to that of Enerjak, but this also leaves him vulnerable to possession by the spirit.