Julie-Su was born into the Dark Legion, the third child of Grandmaster Luger and his second wife Mari-Su. Kragok and Lien-Da were resentful of their father for this and conspired to have the rest of their family removed from the picture. Both Mari-Su and Luger were assassinated by Lien-Da and Julie-Su grew up under the care of Simon and Floren-Ca but her “memory neutralizing chip” was activated to erase any knowledge of her original parents. After eight years Kragok, in his paranoia, had Julie-Su’s memory erased again and forbade Simon and Floren-Ca from contact with their foster daughter.

Left with no knowledge of who she was, Julie-Su had no devotion to her role as a soldier in the Legion. When the Legion escaped from the Twilight Cage back to Angel Island Julie-Su deserted the first chance she got and encountered Vector and Guardian Knuckles. She developed a tense relationship with the former but worked alongside the latter as he investigated the reappearance of Echidnaopolis. She was forcibly returned to the Legion’s service under Enerjak, but betrayed them and was granted amnesty, joining the Chaotix and helping to foil the plans of villains like Downtown Ebony Hare, Lien-Da, and her ancestor Dimitri.

Her friendship with Knuckles soon grew into romance and the two became an official couple, and she supported him through his many difficulties as Chaos Knuckles and continued dealings with the Dark Legion. She also reunited with her foster parents and learned the truth of her past but was devastated when Knuckles sacrificed himself to save Dimitri. After Knuckles returned from the afterlife Dr. Eggman attacked Angel Island and many echidnas died in the Egg Grapes, including Simon and Floren-Ca.

The Chaotix relocated to Knothole and continued fighting Eggman alongside the Freedom Fighters. On a mission to Angel Island she helped to liberate Locke and the echidnas from the Dingo Regime, but the island remained under Eggman’s control until Dr. Finitevus transformed Knuckles into a new Enerjak. Sonic, Julie-Su, Archimedes and Locke fought to free Knuckles from Enerjak’s influence and succeeded at the cost of Locke’s life. With the echidnas displaced and the dingoes crushed, Julie-Su and the Chaotix relocated to Shrine Isle but occasionally helped various Freedom Fighters groups battle the Dark Egg Legion.

Most recently Julie-Su and Knuckles returned to Albion to save the last of their kind from Thrash the Devil and Lien-Da’s Dark Egg Legion chapter, putting Julie-Su in direct conflict with her half-sister once again.


Julie-Su is similar in personality to Knuckles; both are temperamental and often hard-headed as well as committed to justice and protecting the last of their people. Both are mutually protective of one another as well and provide support when the other needs it, though Julie-Su often finds herself frustrated by Knuckles’ natural stubbornness, he is one of the few people she feels truly comfortable opening up to. She is something of a tomboy and hates ceremony and dressing up with a passion. She also has a long-standing rivalry with Vector, though it has calmed down over time.


Cybernetics: One of her dreadlocks is fully mechanical, functioning as a means to interface with machinery or act as a headset.
Marksmanship: Julie-Su is a crack shot with her double-barrelled proton gun.
Combat: Even when deprived of her blaster Julie-Su can still hold her own in a fight.