While Dr. Ivo Robotnik was destroyed by the Ultimate Annihilator in the Prime Zone, in a different universe, Robotnik had gained the upper hand and attempted to roboticize the Freedom Fighters. These plans however failed, and instead Sonic and the Freedom Fighters were only partially roboticized, becoming cyborgs. The Cyborg Freedom Fighters proved too formidable against Robotnik, who when backed into the corner, had no choice but to roboticize himself. Now re-christening himself, Robo-Robotnik, he managed to defeat the Cyborg Freedom Fighters. However, Cyborg Sonic escaped to the Cosmic Interstate to seek help from the Prime Zone. Following Cyborg Sonic, Robo-Robotnik enlisted the help of Evil Sonic to collect the Giant’s Hand in order to construct the alien battle suit, Giant Borg. Together with all of the other Sonics in the multi-verse, Sonic and Cyborg Sonic were able to defeat Giant Borg. Each Sonic took a piece of Giant Borg with them to their home zone, with Cyborg Sonic taking with him the disembodied head of Robo-Robotnik as well.

Once back in their home zone, Robo-Robotnik escaped from Cyborg Sonic by uploading his consciousness to an orbiting satellite base. The satellite was incomplete however, leaving Robo-Robotnik to remain prisoner until the satellite ceased to function. One day, Robotnik Prime was teleported to the satellite due to a confrontation with his creation EVE. Motivating his counterpart to not give up, Robo-Robotnik returned Robotnik Prime to his home dimension, but not before tapping his memory to learn the fate of Giant Borg. Upon finding the piece of Giant Borg stashed in his home universe, Robo-Robotnik teleported the piece to the satellite and constructed himself a new body. Robo-Robotnik then laid waste to his Mobius, including launching a nuclear attack against the restored Kingdom of Acorn.

Having been victorious in his battle against Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, Robo-Robotnik checked into the Prime Zone to discover that he had been destroyed by the Ultimate Annihilator. Having become bored of achieving all his goals in his home universe, Robo-Robotnik decided to travel to the Prime Zone and do battle against Sonic Prime and his friends. During this Second Robotnik War, Robo-Robotnik took on the name Dr. Eggman. Originally an insulting nickname used by Sonic, Eggman adopted it as a method of self-empowerment, titling his forces the Eggman Empire. Eggman was also transferred to a flesh and blood body by the the alien civilization the BEM.

During Sonic’s year in space, Eggman continued to fight against the Kingdom of Acorn and its allies around the world. To fill the void left by Snively, Eggman created two “children” of his own, Mecha “M” Robotnik, an android daughter obedient to her father, and ADAM, a computer virus developed by accident. Unbeknownst to Eggman, ADAM secretly betrayed his father after framing Mecha. Both creations ended up being destroyed, leaving Eggman alone until he re-recruited Snively.

Eggman eventually made a deal with Lien-Da to take in the Dark Legion as part of the Eggman Empire’s forces. Having become fond of the idea, Eggman incorporated their model into his own regional forces, establishing the Dark Egg Legion, each with a regional Grandmaster and Kommissar. One of these regional bosses, the Iron Queen, took over the Eggman Empire temporarily when Eggman experienced a mental breakdown after a fight with the Freedom Fighters. Eggman remained in this state until a realization about Sonic’s identity as the Embodiment of Chaos restored his normal faculties and he resumed control of the Eggman Empire.

Aboard the newly constructed Death Egg II, Eggman launched Operation: Clean Sweep, a plan to restore his ability to roboticize the citizens of Mobius that had been granted immunity by the BEM. While the plan failed, Sally Acorn was roboticized and Eggman added Mecha Sally to his arsenal to fight Sonic. Soon after, Snively once again betrayed his uncle, but Eggman tracked him down and captured him with the help of his new lackeys: Orbot and Cubot. After losing Mecha Sally, Eggman is currently laying low until his next big scheme, but you can be sure he’s got plenty of plans waiting in the wings.


While just as diabolical as the original Dr. Robotnik, Eggman’s most noteworthy characteristic difference is his penchant for sadism. While often having a jovial demeanor, Eggman enjoys watching his victims suffer and verbally playing with them while at his mercy. This extends not only to his enemies, but his own forces which he’s made a sort of “game” out of their constant betrayal. As with Robotnik Prime, Eggman is an egotist, naming inventions and places after himself and erecting or building things out of his own image. Eggman’s mission is only to conquer and enslave with no endgame in sight. As he did after conquering his home dimension, should he someday wins against Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, he’s likely to go searching for something to further entertain himself.


Genius: Eggman has a nearly unparalleled intellect, capable of designing and operating anything he could imagine.