Orbot (designation SA-55) and Cubot (designation IDI-07) are the personal assistants of Dr. Eggman. The pair were stored aboard the Death Egg Mark II and were activated as a replacement from Snively after he turned traitor once again. The pair assisted Eggman in hunting Snively down and transitioned into a supporting role. The two are autonomous enough that Dr. Eggman can bounce ideas and musings off them and receive some manner of feedback. What place they have in the future of the Eggman Empire is yet to be determined.


While loyal to their creator, Orbot and Cubot have their own unique personalities. Orbot is the more competent of the two, show familiarity with Eggman’s objectives and arsenal and offering helpful advice in times of counsel. Despite this, Orbot recognizes his creator’s faults and occasionally chastises his maker, though usually out of earshot. Cubot is noticeably more scatterbrained, not seeming to grasp the full picture of what goes on around him. Cubot does attempt to assist as he counterpart does, but is less likely to succeed. Cubot also has a malfunctioning voice chip that Eggman has been meaning to repair.


Interface: Orbot & Cubot can connect to and operate all of Eggman’s machinery and digital infrastructure including both the Eggnet and the Death Egg Mark II.