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Newest Comic / Re: Sonic the Hedgehog Online #248 Released
« Last post by L.T. Dangerous on Today at 02:59:39 PM »
I get it obviously. I'm just a it worried we'll be hit with the same barrage of delays that have plagued this series for it's whole existence once again.
Trust me, these things take time- what the team has put out so far is of extremely high quality, I'm sure everyone here agrees we'd rather the team take their time with it rather than do a rush job.  It'll be driving nobody more insane than the guys working on it, I know exactly how they feel :D
Try Outs / Re: fastfroob's Artist Try Out
« Last post by fastfroob on Today at 04:05:21 AM »
If you wouldn't mind, there's some example art I'd like you to do for us. I want to see these first DRAWN (which means not inked or colored), and then I'd like to see a second version of that picture you drew all inked and colored.

1: Archie on model Sonic with a Chili Dog hat.

2: A very cartoony Tails upset and crying a little as he's holding a headless Sonic plushie in one hand, and the removed head in the other.

3: Knuckles punching an inflatable punching balloon with the picture of a clown on it.

I probably should have posted these earlier (I was a little bit busy), but here are the drawings you requested...

As well as the "finished" versions.

I'm now working on the coloring request as I type this.
Try Outs / Re: Salgaro's writing tryout
« Last post by The Shadow Imperator on February 19, 2018, 06:17:26 PM »
Hi Salgaro,

Unfortunately we aren't accepting writer tryouts at this time as we're overstaffed. We appreciate your interest though!
Try Outs / Salgaro's writing tryout
« Last post by Salgaro on February 19, 2018, 01:34:25 PM »
Hi everyone!
I'm Salgaro and I try out as a writer for Archie Sonic Online. I discovered the Archie series about two years ago when the reboot universe was already started. When I found it on Readcomiconline.com I read some of the most important issues of the original continuity.
I'll admit, the issues 230-247 are pretty dramatic since Naugus conquered the House of Acorns and Eggman gained Mecha Sally.
While I was reading one of the issues of Mobius Legends I found a fan-mail which asked about Zavok and the answer said that he would appear in SONIC FORCES. Do you mean that you want to make a tie-in saga?
In that case I wrote this script which is a purpose for a Sonic Universe Online story arc with Sonic Mania adaptation, placed in another time and another place.
Why "In another time and place"? Because since Tails says "From another dimension" I didn't understand that he was referring to the dimension of the past. And since Ian Flynn wrote promotional comics when a new game was released, he wrote "In another time... in another place...", I got that prior the reboot, this parallel dimension was the same of the videogames, I decided to apply AT THE LETTER the Tails' phrase. My english is intermediate so the descriptions maybe aren't complete; and since this is an action story, I tried to use the style of the one-shot Sonic Mega Drive. Here's the preview. Hope you like it.

The story so far...
Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are good friends. They created their alliance in a very short time. When Sonic first met Tails, they prontly became colse friends. Their first mission was to free West Side Island from Dr. Robotnik's invasion and stop his DEATH EGG.
They made it, and the dangerous weapon fell on a FLOATING ISLAND where Robotnik discovered the Master Emerald, guarded by KNUCKLES THE ECHIDNA.
Robotnik convinced him that the two friends were thieves and they have come to steal the gem. But then, Knuckles learned the truth and teamed-up with Sonic and Tails to save his home and take back the Emerald.
Once again Sonic destroyed the Death Egg and Robotnik got depressed.
Some time later, he and his enemies discovered a mysterious power source from Angel Island, and he decided to get it before Sonic and Tails.

[TEXT BOX] SONIC THE HEDGEHOG - Call Sign: Super speedy hero
[TEXT BOX] MILES "TAILS" PROWER - Call Sign: Sonic's best buddy
[TEXT BOX] KNUCKLES THE ECHIDNA - Call Sign: The last Echidna
[TEXT BOX] DR. IVO ROBOTNIK - Call Sign: Evil genius

Panel 1 - Skies over the sea. Sonic and Tails are on the Tornado. Tails is piloting and has a helmet on his head while Sonic is on the wing ready to bolt.
TITLE: Sonic Mania - Part 1: The Mysterious Power Source
[TEXT BOX] In another time... in another place...
SONIC: Hurry up, Tails! We cannot let Robotnik get that source before us!
TAILS: I know, but the rockets are at maximum power!

Panel 2 - Immediately after the previous scene. Back view. Sonic talks to Tails watching after him, Tails answers moving up his head.
SONIC: Where does that source come from?
TAILS: From Angel Island...

Panel 1 - Back view of the Tornado with Angel Island on the background. The island is very close.
SONIC: Ok, here we are! Go park the plane while I head to the source!
TAILS: Roger!

Panel 2 - Sonic jumps from the wing and runs straight ahead with a Super-Peel out while Tails turns left.

Panel 3 - After the previous scene. Sonic breaks looking surprised, while Tails arrives flapping.

Panel 4 - Side back view of Sonic and Tails. In front of them there are five flying Eggbots (rocket boosters on) with a mechanic arm with the opened tongs.
TAILS: Eggbots? What are they doing?
SONIC: I'm afraid they have preceeded us...

Panel 1 - The eggbots are guarding the tongs, ready to extract the Phantom Ruby.
EGGROBO: Proceed with remotion of the power source

Panel 2 - Front view of Sonic and Tails. While Sonic has an aggressive face and looks ready to fight, Tails looks confused.
TAILS: What should we do now Sonic?
SONIC: We certainly don't have to stay here to watch. We must stop those Eggbots!

Panel 3 - Without margins. From the digged block of soil the Phantom Ruby (it can't be seen) starts to emit his power waves.

Panel 4 - Sonic and Tails get captured by the power waves and float in middle air with scared and confused expressions.
TAILS: AAAHH!! What's this?
SONIC: I thought you knew it!
EGGROBO: Extraction completed. Return to the base.

Panel 1 - Sonic and Tails appear in Green Hill Zone due to the Phantom Ruby. They see the Hard Boiled Heavies flying away with the extracted block of earth that contains the Ruby. Its power wave is vanishing.
[TEXT BOX] Green Hill Zone, South Island.

Panel 2 - Immediately after the previous scene. Tails looks worried and nervous since the Hard Boiled Heavies got the power source before them while Sonic looks annoyed, but also stressed and serious.
TAILS: Sonic... we failed... What are we gonna do?
SONIC: *tsk*... we have to get those Eggbots before they take that gemstone to Robotnik. Obvious, no?
TAILS: Y-yes... you're right.

Panel 3 - The two friends start to speed throught Green Hill. Sonic bolts ahead with a Spin Dash, stomping the Badniks and Tails follows him, flying.

Panel 4 - Knuckles appears flapping to Sonic and Tails and shouts to make sure their allies can hear him. The two buddies break looking at him, surprised and joyful.
KNUCKLES: HEY GUYS! This is a lucky encounter!
SONIC: KNUCKLES! What's wrong?
TAILS: KNUCKLES! How'd you get here?

Panel 5 - Knuckles stomps on the ground and starts to explain. His body can be seen from the head to the chest.
KNUCKLES: Well... I'm not sure myself. It all started a few moments ago.

Panel 1 - Angel Island. Air view. Knuckles is sleeping on the ground under a palmtree surrouned by some animals looking relaxed.
[KNUCKLES'WORDS IN TEXT BOXES]1. I was sleeping under a palm in the grass with the company of some animals. I don't know if I ever relaxed so much before.

Panel 2 - First plan of Knuckles'eyes. He suddenly opens the left, looknig upset.
2. Suddenly I heard drilling sounds. It was near me. I thought it was Robotnik or some of his Super Badniks.

Panel 3 - Immediately after the last scene. Knuckles gets up and sits, nervous.
KNUCKLES: What the...
3. When I got up I saw five shadows coming at me. They had a robotic arm that was keeping an extracted block of grass...
4. It seemed it was containing a Choas Emerald, but I never felt that kind of energy.

Panel 4 - Knuckles jumps up ready to fight the Eggbots, which are heading to him with the rockets.
KNUCKLES: Come on you, uglies! I destroyed your ancestor some time ago* and I'm ready to stop you too!
[TEXT BOX] See Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Panel 5 - Immediately after the last scene. The Eggbots are nearer to Knuckles, which looks furios.
KNUCKLES: Well? are you frightened?
5. I had to do something. But it didn't finish well.

Panel 6 - Side view of Knuckles, knocked down by the robotic arm that keeps the Phantom Ruby. Another power wave has captured him.
6. The robotic arm knocked me out. I heard a strange noise and I found me here.

Panel 1 - Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are running throught Green Hill Zone, talking to each other. Tails has a thinking expression, while Sonic and Knuckles look confused.
SONIC: So you got here like us, huh? We've been caught by a power wave...
TAILS' MIND: I think that gemstone is able to manipulate the time and space... just as the Time Eater did before*
[TEXT BOX] *See Sonic Generations. STH #230.

Panel 2 - Full front view of the Death Egg Robot stomping on the ground. Doctor Robotnik is piloting it and makes an evil laughter face. The three heroes are watching the robot in front of them. While Tails looks terrified, Sonic is determined and Knuckles is surprised.
ROBOTNIK: OOH HOO HOO!!! I axpected your intrusion! I'm going to crush you all!

Panel 3 - The Death Egg Robot's dome is now closed and his left arm points to the trio. It can be seen only from the "head" to the chest (the right arm is behind the body).

Panel 4 - Up view of the trio, which is staring the robot. All of them look worried.
TAILS: What do we do now?
SONIC: I already faced it before**. Better if we hit it together!
KNUCKLES: I'm ready!
[TEXT BOX] **See Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Panel 5 - Immediately after the last scene. The robot's left arm hits the ground trying to crush the trio, which has dashed away.

Panel 1 - Full view of the Death Egg Robot, which looks on the right side. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles make a Spin Attack in air to attack, while the robot launches some bombs, trying to counterattack.

Panel 2 - Full side view of the robot, which is falling onto the ground, because the trio is making a Spin Attack combo, like a punch on the stomach.

Panel 3 - Full aerial front view of the Death Egg Robot falling in a giant hole, started by its arms and legs during the fall.

Panel 4 - After the robot's fall. A joyful Tails parties the victory, Sonic opens the flying capsule and a worried Knuckles looks in the hole.
SONIC: Get out you, critters!
KNUCKLES: I wouldn't party so early. I'm afraid that Robotnik is escaping.
[To be continued]

I also thought to put HYPER SONIC against Infinite (you want to put Infinite if you will make the tie-in saga, right?) and I'm supposed to create a short story where Knuckles brings Sonic at Hidden Palace to show him the seven Super Emeralds and see what happens if he uses the power of them all, instead only one. If the script isn't so complete I'll ask to some of the writers if they could make it better.
And another thing: I thought to make a little change to the synopsis of the game. Sonic has been captured but during the deportation in the Death Egg Mark 2 he wakes up and finds a hideaway to spy Eggman's scheme. Six months later his friends go to rescue him but during Sonic's escape, he meets a Zavok replica and destroys it.
That's all for now. Hope you liked my script and purposes. As soon as I can I'll try out as a penciller. See ya!
Back At Mobius / Re: Knuckles: Endangered Species #1 Cover & Solicit
« Last post by GentlemanX on February 19, 2018, 12:50:28 PM »
We don't have "access" to anyone, as this is an unofficial, free, fan project. We will be featuring Penders characters, as our aim is to create a story as though they were never removed, but if Penders is even aware of our existence, he has not been involved with any of our activities. Nor has any other official body.
Back At Mobius / Re: Knuckles: Endangered Species #1 Cover & Solicit
« Last post by bluenewt1995 on February 19, 2018, 08:17:47 AM »
So given the fact that this is a non official fan project, that means the ken penders lawsuit is non-effective, right? so we have access to his characters?
Back At Mobius / Re: Sonic the Hedgehog Online #249 Cover & Solicit
« Last post by bluenewt1995 on February 19, 2018, 07:44:05 AM »
Nope! Issues get done when they get done!  :)

So about how long does it take to finish an issue? how long did 248 take to finish? not trying to rush you guys or anything, just curious.
Back At Mobius / Re: Sonic the Hedgehog Online #249 Cover & Solicit
« Last post by Riggo34 on February 18, 2018, 11:06:37 PM »
do you guys have a regular release schedule you're aiming for? like, i'm assuming it's not once a month or anything, but just wondering.

Nope! Issues get done when they get done!  :)
Back At Mobius / Re: Sonic the Hedgehog Online #249 Cover & Solicit
« Last post by Mike Jumbo on February 18, 2018, 10:18:07 PM »
So have I my friend, except for the last three parts of the Endangered Species arc.
Back At Mobius / Re: Sonic the Hedgehog Online #249 Cover & Solicit
« Last post by Hst master on February 18, 2018, 07:38:56 PM »
I'm rereading everything up to World's Collide so I can be caught up for when this is released
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