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Back At Mobius / Re: Ideas and Concepts
« Last post by cm27815 on October 19, 2017, 09:45:01 PM »
A little headcanon that just occurred to me is that Sonic, with help from Uncle Chuck, could’ve made Bunnie and Antoine’s wedding bands out of Power Rings, just like his parents’.  It would’ve been his wedding gift as best man.
Back At Mobius / Re: Ideas and Concepts
« Last post by PublicEnemy1 on October 19, 2017, 07:39:10 PM »
I want more things from the Storybook Worlds, mainly from Camelot. I want to see more adventures, with Galahad, Lamorak, and possibly more knights.
Back At Mobius / Re: Ideas and Concepts
« Last post by cm27815 on October 19, 2017, 12:38:18 PM »
Hereís a list of little idea prompts Iíve had as I reread the series:

-Some time after Sally is rescued, Eggman manages to abduct Jules, reprogram him and weaponize him. (I admit Iím shamelessly plugging Star Wars: Return of the Jedi with this)

-Someone besides Cream calls out Amy for her possessive and, frankly, entitled attitude towards Sonic.  Bonus points if itís Mina or Rob.

-Nega passes through the world of Camelot during his rampage.  As a result, Merlina sends Caliburn to the Prime Zone before succumbing to her wounds. The other knights are already dead, while the Knights of the Underworld now follow Nega.

-Hamlin tries to convince the Council to restructure the Freedom Fighters after Sally returns, as a way of reasserting authority. As a result, the team goes free agent.

-Hershey is revealed to have faked her death in order to keep Drago from recognizing her.  Once she finds out what has been happening in New Mobotropolis, she makes her escape from the Death Egg.  Along the way, she springs Snively and switches the Infiltrator into the Prison Egg. This is to keep Eggman guessing and to split loyalties.

-Related to the above, with the intelligence Hershey brings back, Sally calls for a summit between the various Freedom Fighter cells to bring them up to speed about the various Dark Egg Legion chapters and independent factions.  This also exposes to the others how corrupt the Sand-Blasters are.

-Mina starts to train as a reserve Freedom Fighter, mainly for search and rescue operations.

-Bernie decides to start up a support group for families of Freedom Fighters.  Among the attendees: Jules, Chuck, the Prowers, Rotorís mother and brother, Lara-Le and Wynmacher, Constant Vigil, the Acorns, Vanilla, and Isabella.

Dimitri manages to recreate his signal disrupter for the explosives in Legion cybernetics. The first group to be freed is Beauregard Rabbotís chapter.

One question for everyone: is there already a topic for potential game adaptations?  Iíve got a couple of ideas on that front, too.
Back At Mobius / Re: SatAM Elements?
« Last post by LogiTeeka on October 17, 2017, 05:48:36 PM »
I dunno. I thought Lazaar was already an interesting character. Not perfect, but none of the characters in the show were anyway.

I was disappointed that Lazzar was never adapted into the comics. Judging by his appearance and magical computer, I wouldn't be surprised if this guy was one of those Overlander Technomages mentioned in the comics.

Heck, Lazaar could very well be the founder of the cult.
Back At Mobius / Re: SatAM Elements?
« Last post by GeoffreyStJohn on October 17, 2017, 05:11:12 PM »
Perhaps controversial opinion here: Lazaar is a bad character and I do not wanna see him anywhere near my beloved comics.

With substantially different writing, I could maybe see him working, but my god do I hate how he was written in the show. That awful Yoda-speak (which at times went way too far to the point of making sentences difficult to understand); the completely unexplained and nonsensical 'magic' that he had which didn't fit in with the rest of the universe at the time and the also-unexplained shift from "lazarr is evil" to "lazarr is good now because he is". And I also hated his bland character design. You know something went wrong when Ken Penders' human character designs were more memorable than Lazaar's.

The episode had a lot going for it. Removing Sonic's speed was a clever way to actually challenge and develop Sonic as a character. But Lazaar was a very weak link and I feel there'd really need to be changes made to him in order to make him interesting and not just Ixis-but-weaker. And while I'm ranting about that episode, the ending: surely Lazaar and the Guardian would have melted by shrinking down and dropping into that bubbling pit of acid? I guess the magic could have protected them, but that isn't explained. It always left questions in my head.

Anyway, if there were SatAM characters I'd like to see in the comics, it'd be Ari and Griff. They were both freedom fighters that actually betrayed Sonic, and given they have the capacity for this, their introduction into New Mobotropolis could create some tension or some more genuine reasons for undermining the Kingdom of Acorn than what we saw in House of Cards. And Griff also flirted with Sally for a bit so we can get some more Sonic-Sally-X Love Triangles!
Back At Mobius / Re: SatAM Elements?
« Last post by cm27815 on October 17, 2017, 12:46:06 PM »
Iíd certainly like to see Lazaar. Itíd also be cool to see a return of the bot from ďSonic Racer.Ē
Back At Mobius / Re: Pairings: What to do With Them?
« Last post by cm27815 on October 09, 2017, 12:38:31 PM »
Been reading through this, and I had a thought about Saffron and Charmy: since this is a FAN continuation, thereís nothing saying Charmy couldnít regain his correct mental age while still having some scatterbrained tendencies. I mean, SONIC has some tendencies himself. Just a thought. Also, finally getting back on this site after rereading the comic from start to 247.
Back At Mobius / Re: Sonic the Hedgehog Online #248 Cover & Solicit
« Last post by A-Log on October 05, 2017, 08:58:33 PM »
Sorry for the lateness from my end, but I just found out about this. (Haven't been here in a while.) But after seeing this, all I'm saying is... NOW WE'RE TALKIN'! Can't wait to see how this will turn out. This is how the whole thing was supposed to end! (The Mecha Sally arc, at least.)
Back At Mobius / Re: Giant Robotno's Universe in Archie Sonic Online
« Last post by The Shadow Imperator on October 01, 2017, 02:15:27 PM »
Posting the same topic twice is spam. I have no idea what you're trying to achieve with the random MS paint "edits," so I'll consider those spam too if you keep it up.

The answer to your question is no. We aren't revisiting any of the Zone Wars parodies, at least not while I have any say over the project's direction.
Back At Mobius / Re: Should We Do Another "Giant Robotno" Story-Arc?
« Last post by SolarBig on October 01, 2017, 11:55:51 AM »
Btw, if you're worried no one is seeing your posts:  It actually tells you how many times someone has viewed a topic.  I see your previous topic has been viewed 36 times.   :)
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