20/02/18 - 15:31 PM

Forums have rules. Rules find forums. This forum needs rules. So here they are! The rule format and general concepts behind the rules are similar to those of BumbleKing’s, but there are a few changes.
Usually when people see rules, think of those big EULA’s that come with programs. They’re large, bloated, and boring. No one wants to read those things. But here, this is not a good option. You need to know the rules so you know what’s okay on this forum. “I didn’t know” is the worst excuse you can have. After all, the rules isn't just thrown in a forum post, it's right up there in the menu. You see "Rules" every time you look at the navbar.
Section 1 – Appropriate Conduct
1.1 Swearing/Appropriate Topics
1.2 Preserving Civility
1.3 Insults vs. Criticism
1.4 Signatures
1.5 Notes about Names
1.6 Encouraging/Mentioning Illegal Activities
1.7 What to do When You Have a Problem / Reporting Rule Violations
1.8 Thread Necromancy
Section 2 – Discussing the Comic
2.1 Avoiding the Shipping Wars
2.2 On Ideas
2.3 Spoilers
2.4 Artist Feedback
Section 3 – Punishments and Banning
3.1 General Policy

1.1 – Swearing/Appropriate Topics
(Why are they all four letters?)
We are a fan-run community, so we do have leniency with swearing. We'll allow it, sometimes. Of course, like most things, it depends on context. Going into rage mode and cursing like an angry child on an FPS mic will not be tolerated.
It's simple: Don't use profanity in excess (it doesn't make you cool), don't use profanity in rage (don't rage, in general, really), and don't use it to insult another user. (Well, don’t insult people in general. But that should go without saying.)

1.2 – Preserving Civility
(Keep it civil, silly)
It’s inevitable that disagreements and rather heated discussions will arise on this forum. Sometimes, people will get carried away in an argument. This is understandable – everyone has said and done things they’ve regretted. However, being passive-aggressive, making personal attacks, trying to provoke an aggressive response, talking down to others, being insulting, or generally being unkind is not acceptable.
On the same note, be respectful to others with different opinions or beliefs. No hate speech. And what’s the difference between hate speech and expressing your opinion, you might ask? Hate speech is when you will harm towards a group or individual; expressing your opinion is respectfully disagreeing with their stance.
This is probably our most important rule, so make sure to follow it!
Also, no mini-modding. If there’s a problem, contact a moderator instead of dealing with the problem yourself.
(If you feel this rule has been wrongly applied to you, see Section 1.7.)

1.3 – Insults vs. Criticism
(Insults : Criticism :: white : black)
There’s a marked difference between being critical and being insulting. While we appreciate constructive criticism of this group’s work so we can improve this project’s quality, being excessively negative or insulting the artists themselves is not allowed. Criticize the work, not the creator. (Note that this rule applies to the official Archie comics and other media as well).
Criticism: The pacing in ____’s plot was slow and left an overall confusing and unclear impression. To avoid that, I would have done ____, ____, and ____.
Insult: This story was obviously written in a half an hour and wasn’t even edited before it was produced. This moron needs to stop writing now before he ruins the canon permanently.
Personally attacking an artist is one of the worst things you can do to them. Whether they ignore your remarks or not, insults have a nasty tendency to fester and decrease the quality of an artist’s work. Users doing this will be punished without mercy.
(Ties in to Section 2.4.)

1.4 – Signatures
(Bling for forums!)
Unlike BumbleKing, we won’t have super-picky rules about signatures and avatars. Just remember that there are still people in this day and age that use dial-up. If there’s a problem with your signature, hostile or offensive, the picture will be removed from your signature without warning.

1.5 – Notes about Names
(It’s all in a name…)
Keep them appropriate and non-inflammatory. Not something like “SCOURGE SUCKS SHARD IS A RECOLOR.” This is blatant trolling and will be heavily frowned upon.

1.6 – Encouraging/Mentioning Illegal Activities
(You wouldn’t steal a car…)
Besides the usual things, like not promoting the use of drugs, not threatening to assault someone, or violating your country’s anti-harassment laws, this rule has one big focus: Piracy.
Yes, it’s illegal to watch the comics on YouTube or download them off the Internet. Yes, people will still do it anyway and preventing pirating isn’t feasible. But these resources definitely have an impact on the comic’s sales. While we may not be officially connected with Archie Comics in any capacity, the last thing we want to do is hurt their sales.

1.7 – What to do When You Have a Problem / Reporting Rule Violations
(Don’t use the Chaos Emeralds!)
PM a mod!
Okay, if the problem is a moderator, PM a different mod. We’re glad to hear you out. However, do not take charge of a sensitive situation if you feel like the mods aren’t doing their job. That will only get you in trouble.

1.8 – Thread Necromancy
(The Walking Thread)
After a thread hasn’t been replied to for three months, it’s considered “dead.” Do not post any more that thread UNLESS there is substantial new information that you can add to the discussion.

2.1 – Avoiding the Shipping Wars
(Or, how not to act like a stereotypical Sonic fan)
This section can easily be summed up by, “don’t argue over little things.” We encourage discussion about all kinds of Sonic-related topics IF you’re willing to be civil about it. In addition to that, please don’t force your opinions on others. This includes who you think Sonic’s love interest should be (Sally? Amy? Fiona? Elise? Big the Cat?), what the best Sonic game is, or how horrible you think the series’ reboot is. It’s not that you can’t have a discussion about these things; just make sure you think about how you post when you’re discussing such prickly topics.

2.2 – On Ideas
(A dime a dozen…)
We appreciate your thoughts, ideas, and concepts for stuff to do with the comic. The only problem is that there are a lot of ideas. So much so that we will have to say no to your plans – in fact, it’s very likely that your plans and ideas will not end up being incorporated. So don’t be sad or get angry if we say no – it happens to everyone.

2.3 – Spoilers
(Han Solo dies in – oh, wait.)
Spoilers must be marked in the topic’s title (as in the case of new comic releases) or marked in such in individual posts for a month after a product’s release. After that time, the product is considered common knowledge and does not need to be prefaced with a spoiler warning.

2.4 – Artist Feedback
(Or, why criticism can be good.)
While it’s important for people not to be hurtful to artists, artists can’t be ultra-sensitive and treat every criticism as an insult. That’s just as bad for an artist because they can’t learn from their mistakes. You must be prepared for criticism if you help out with this project, because you will get it. You will fail. Everybody does. Ian Flynn has had his fair share of flops, but what’s cemented his reputation as a writer is his ability to keep going and learn from his failures (for the most part). That’s what you have to be ready to do if you help out.

3.1 – Ban Policy
(Whosoever be worthy, he shall possess the power of Ban.)
Since this forum is still in its infancy, there’s no set ban policy as of yet. Although we will have to ban very few people (hopefully) and most bans will be temporary (probably ranging from a few days to a week, a month if it's serious), permanent bans may be handed out for repeated offences – say about 3 or 4. We’ll have a more solid plan for this as issues come up and we develop a policy.

Well, that’s all for now, folks! Just remember to use common sense, and enjoy the forums!