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Should Archie Sonic Online Go Back to "Giant Robotno"'s World (Seen in Sonic Super Special #12)?

Yes, they should
No, they shouldn't
Meh, whatever
What the heck is Giant Robotno
Yes, THEY should, because whoever this noob is that's making these stupid polls and can't spell right and... (Hey, I'm open to judgement!)
No, THEY shouldn't, because whoever thought it was a good idea to expand the Sonic Fanbase and... (Ok, sorry ASO, I had to)

Author Topic: Should We Do Another "Giant Robotno" Story-Arc?  (Read 455 times)

Should We Do Another "Giant Robotno" Story-Arc?
« on: October 01, 2017, 08:09:37 AM »
Should they go back and do Giant Robotno's sequel story-arc? I've made a topic on this, titled "Giant Robotno's Universe in Archie Sonic Online". (plugplugplugplugplugplug!)

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Re: Should We Do Another "Giant Robotno" Story-Arc?
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Btw, if you're worried no one is seeing your posts:  It actually tells you how many times someone has viewed a topic.  I see your previous topic has been viewed 36 times.   :)