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Re: Novelty Answers: The Return! (Character Q&A)
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Hallo, all! It's about time these questions got answered. We'll probably get around to doing this regularly sometime, but for now the thread will remain locked. Sorry.

Geoffrey, how do you feel about your wife joining the Secret Freedom Fighters? (Hurry-before-Naugus-possesses-you-again!)

Hershey's dead. Now will you blokes stop bringing it up?
Just to clarify things, I've never heard of these "Secret Freedom Fighters" and right now, I am possessed!

APPRENTICE! What are you doing?

Wasting my time... as usual.

Stop grouching and keep those pesky spirits under wraps! There is much to be done!

*mental sigh* As you wish, master.

Now I'll be communing with the dead. Col. Tig Stripe, how do you feel about the failures and accomplishments of the Freedom Fighters so far?

I am proud that Sonic and the princess respected the goals of our team enough to adopt our name. To know that we inspired such greatness... it would be rather touching were I not dead.

Drago, how does it feel to be working for the Eggman?
It's the greatest thing that ever happened to me! I'm large and in charge, and everyone totally respects me. The Destructrix thought I was a punching bag, but I showed them! Now when I talk about my accomplishments, all my guys listen instead of plowing my face into the ground. They know my true potential.

I get along great with the big guy with that master plan. He doesn't let on to it, but deep down I'm his favorite Grandmaster.

And lastly, Mighty AND Ray. I know that both of you are best friends- almost brotherly that it brings a tear to my eye. What was the biggest moment that showed your brotherly bonds?

The best moment? Well, it's hard to say. We've had so many great times together--ugh! I couldn't pick a "best" moment.

Umm, M-M-Mighty?


Re-m-m-m-member r-right after y-you f-f-found me again? W-When we were almost b-b-back at Angel Island?


I w-was so s-s-scared about being g-gone so long. I c-c-c... co-

You couldn't be sure that I was the same Mighty you met in that prison camp?

Yes! I wasn't... I was scared! You were older! And stronger! And you sounded like my dad!

Heh. I never knew that.

I started to cry, b-but then, you said:

Ray, it's okay. I know this is tough, but I want to you to know that no matter what happens, you'll always be my friend. So don't worry! Get up and move on.

Funny that we remembered that so well. I kinda thought it sounded cheesy, though.

I-it wasn't cheesy f-for m-m-me. I'm so glad you're my friend, Mighty!

Me too, kid. Me too.

To Mogul (present-day): Have you heard about that Silver the Hedgehog guy? If so, what do you think of him?

Various reports have reached my ears of a grossly overpowered, shamefully naive pscyhokinetic from the future. If these rumors are indeed substantiative, I will investigate further. For this "Silver" to harness such power in spite of his natural doltishness, his mentor would needs possess even greater power, which is slightly concerning. For the present time, however, I have plenty of... business that requires my utmost attention.

To Vanilla: Despite the chaos, are you enjoying life in New Mobotropolis?
It's been very nice. Ms. Nicole has given us a beautiful home and Cream and I are very glad.

To Chuck: How's the restaurant doing these days?
It'd be doing better if I wasn't so occupied with the Council and... other things. As it is, I've had to reduce my hours to 12-6, four days a week. I get overwhelmed with orders every day, so business is good. It's just... working at breakneck pace all day while people complain about your hours (and your political positions) has made the stand lose a bit of its charm for me.

To the Foreman: How are things in the Nerberhood?


Nicole- All righty then. I'll try something else: If you had to pick a new outfit, what would it be?

I'd wear something green. Green is supposed to provoke calming emotions, and I want the people of New Mobotropolis to stop being so... irrational? That's probably the best word. The Iron Queen can't control me anymore, so there's no reason to be afraid. But it's so hard to understand all of my citizens; I'm probably missing something important.

Err... sorry I got off-topic. But does that answer your question? I suppose if it does not, you can ask me in the future.

Antoine- What is your favorite type of sword and why?

Zhe Sword of Light is my most favorite. Elias let me test eet out once, and it is magnifique! Zhe balance is perfect, zhe sword is light, and it cuts right through stone! Heheh, Elias was not happy about that. But eet was in the old castle anyway.

Shadow- What's your favorite kind of gun (the shooting kind, not the military) and why?

The power of such weapons pales in comparison to a well-timed Chaos Blast. I will take that over a paltry gun any day.

Finitevus- Did you have a backup plan just in case the hex failed and Enerjak turned on you?

If I did, would I tell you?

You can't see this, but he's making that grin again.

Edmund (3437 P.X.E.)-Do you have any memories of your parents?

Of course I remember my parents, you whippersnapper! How else would I have learned the duties of a Guardian?

I swear, children these days! You'd think there wasn't a single brain cell between them!

Dr. Eggman: Have you ever heard of Dr. Nega?

Dr. Whosit? An alternate version of myself, I presume?
Unfortunately, I'm about to rewrite reality to suit my every whim! And I can guarantee that another pesky version of myself will NOT be a part of it!

Snively: What are your opinions on Orbot and Cubot?

Eggman must be really scraping the bottom of the barrel if that's the best he could come up with.

Bean and Flying Frog: Which of you would win in a fight?

I'll have to get back to you on this one. I asked them, and I think I broke something.

Nee-hee-hee! Ho-hahaha!

I'm sure they'll get around to your question at some point.

-Silver: When Misty-Re (the echidna who flirted with you) knocked you out with that "sleeping gas gun" in the Light Mobius timeline, what kind of dreams were you having by that point?

Whatever gas they used didn't allow me to dream. But why would you ask...

Wait a second... you're not suggesting that I was...? Never! NEVER! What kind of sick question is that?

-Void: Do you miss being in Maginary World with Lumina? If you're still friends with Mephiles in Zone Jail, be careful and stay away from him. He'll only give you eternal nightmares for the rest of your life. You don't deserve to suffer like that...

Whatever do you mean, my dear? You must be thinking of a different Mephiles. My Mephiles is reformed and one of the nicest guys in the Zone Jail. And speaking of nightmares, did you forget that's my job?

Tsk. How insensitive! I think I should pay your dreams a visit.

-Lien-Da: What does it feel like working with the other Grandmasters of the Dark Egg Legion? Describe your first experience and list some notable pros and cons about each of them. Which one can you tolerate the most?

They're all crazy, stupid, overconfident, wimpy, or just plain bad at their jobs. I can't tolerate any of Eggman's other Grandmasters and I HATE having to share my position with them. Ugh!

-Conquering Storm: What are you going to do if your former champion "Lightning" comes back for revenge with Scourge and the Destructix? It'll be pretty difficult to deal with all six of them at once...

There are six of them. I have an army. They will fall.

To Scourge, what do you do on your free time?

Hah! "Free time", she says! Kid, I don't have free time. I'm doing some bold, big things back on my Moebius with the Destructrix. There's a Suppression Squad that needs some serious scrubbing, along with, like, everyone else. A steady diet of knuckle-bruising action has always been my thing. And when one planet gets boring, there's always another.

I guess when I beat up everyone in the multiverse, I might have some free time then. I'd pr-y hang out with Fiona or...

Forget it, I'd just beat everyone up again. And again. And again! Hahaha, this is going to be so much fun!

Predator Hawk: Do you have a thing for Wave?

Of course not. Wave was always a mechanic, but she never bothered to train herself. The girl had potential to be a real contender--physcially, I mean--but as things stand? Pshaw. I'd never even consider a weakling like her.

Nicole: How much do you trust Geoffrey?

About a millionth of the distance I could throw him.

...That idiom didn't work very well. I apologize.

Meg: Are you worried for Elias?


Vector: Will you ever visit Downunda again?

If I need ta drop by again to stop some dumb bozos, I will. Otherwise, nah. It's not worth the time.

to nicole do you and tails hang out with each other?

If by "hang out" you mean "work together on occasion", then yes. I don't understand why you'd prioritize Tails, though. Sally always spent the most time with me, and after... that, Tails left to save her. I haven't seen him since.

Sonic are you better then scourge?

You bet! Scourge is a bully--that's it. He--waitaminute. I totally said this before.

You did, back in Sonic #196.

Sure, strange issue number man! Go read that and bask in those memorable words!  ;)

(to wave) what are some nicknames you have for Tails?

Heh. Remember, only his friends call him Tails.

Hey! Take that back, you jerk!

See? This nickname will do the trick perfectly. Why would I need another one?

(to shard) how do you feel about the comics today?

I say this with the greatest respect and forethought:

They don't have ME anymore! And without my awesomeness, the comics are doomed! Doomed, I tell you!

You'd be surprised how many people would take that seriously.

Umm, dude? I was totally serious right there.

He's kidding.

Was not!

Okay, moving on...

(to Amadeus)How is your relationship with your brother?

Even though we grew up together, we were always somewhat distant. Our interests led us in completely opposite directions--I went off to the military while Merlin continued our family's magical traditions. Even back then, I was a rebel. But Merlin always played by the rules, and while we got along well as children, we didn't spend much time together.

When we ran back into each other in King Maximilian's court, we began to get a bit closer. I planned on using Merlin's magical prowess to turn the tide of the Great War. Then the King exiled him. Why, I'll never know--he was one of the most agreeable people I've met. So I had to improvise, and you know how that turned out.

Merlin visited me once more before he left to study the ways of Neo Walkers. We reminisced a bit, but it was clear that our hearts and our duties lay in two different directions, so we said our goodbyes. I had no regrets.

(to Merlin) do you know how to use a phone?

No, since such a device only exists in your universe.

However, my magic works handily enough for long-distance communication. Unlike your world, it was always cordless.

(to Elias) are you short-tempered?

I don't think so, no. Then again, I probably wouldn't be the best judge of that.

I would win. DUH.
No, I would--haha--you crazy duck!
I would. I would.
Tee-hee! So silly! So almost squeaky!

Sorry, everybody! It looks like they're broken again.

(Also, sorry for taking two months to get this out.)
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Re: Novelty Answers: The Return! (Character Q&A)
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Y'all have waited long enough and goodness knows my lazy ass needs the writing practice. It's time to give Novelty Answers another round.

I'll only be accepting two questions per user this time so things don't get too hectic. But don't fret, there may be more rounds after this if time allows.

The Rules, Amended
1. Each member gets to ask no more than two questions. Any extra ones will be ignored.
2. All questions must be directed at the characters. If you have a general question about this comic project, then fear notówe have a general Q&A thread available here. If you can't think of anything, I suggest reading the BumbleKing thread or previous questions in this thread for inspiration.
3. Only questions directed at Pre-Super Genesis Wave and/or Sonic the Hedgehog Online characters will be answered. This isn't done out of malice, but rather to keep our focus on the old continuity that we've dedicated ourselves to reviving. Post-SGW, Sonic X, Underground, and Boom characters are examples of continuities that will not be accepted.
4. After a week or so the thread will be locked and I'll post the answers. If the thread is reopened these rules and the number of questions allowed per member may be adjusted.

Please also bear in mind that characters will be answering from an in-universe "present day" timeframe, currently Sonic the Hedgehog Online #248.

Have at it, and enjoy!
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Two rather corny, ridiculous questions for Sonic:
1) Did you and Sally kiss in #222?
2) How did you feel at the end of #123, having hooked up with Sally?
I feel really stupid...

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Jack Rabbit, I heard of two interesting additions to the Sand Blasters you may be interested in--a daffy duck named Bean, and the Tasmanian Devil Dog. Thoughts?

Thrash, what was the best time you had with your two Devil Dog sisters?
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That guy who enjoys Sonic and Star Wars. Longs for a grand adventure, and a hearty crew.

1) Did you and Sally kiss in #222?
What I meant to say was, did you and Sally kiss on that date?

To Rosemary: Would you consider spending more time with your son, Tails, that is if both you are not busy with your duty in the Council of Acorn and Tails is not busy helping Sonic fight Dr. Eggman?

To Maximilian Acorn: You manage to walk again after being in a wheelchair for some time, will you be able to do it again? Also, I hope you health and mind recovers.

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What I meant to say was, did you and Sally kiss on that date?

You can edit your posts with the Modify button. Keep that in mind with your future postings.

To the Freedom Fighters: Do you know what happened to Thorny after your little escapade with him?

To Tails: It seems like you and Posey had a cute relationship going on. Whatever became of her and the rest of the Sonic-Con?

For Walt Wallabee, how was it when you carried the unconscious Tails in your pouch?

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Thread locked, answers coming soon.